Thursday, January 5, 2017


Things have seemed to clear up recently. It turns out I was kidnapped by my land lord! That old man had to of been hired by him. Such a fool. I told him that I refused to pay the rent because of the all the damn bamboo growing throughout the building. Its just uncontrollable! I thought it was something much worse. I ended up having to pay him back but now lost my apartment. Even better there isn't any water in town! Apparently a pipe broke, its no good. Better yet Sophie Stone, the popular girl invited me to a party tonight at 8 and I have no idea how to get back to my, well ex-building. I gotta find something to wear. I think ill head to Macks house. He always has my a matter of fact there he is right now! "Mack! Hey man, wha-a.. OH! Sorry, your not Mack, I must have mistaken you" "ARE YOU BLIND!?!?!" Says the phony mack. " im not, im sorry" I say as the reply seems to come before I finish. "GEEZ GET A CLUE PAL"

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Well. I arrived. Yeah, thats not all. Someone else arrived also. I jumped out of the seat of the 18th wheeler and turned around to face the unknown. A old man wrapped in a all black linen stepped into the light. His eyes caught me; they were odd, almost frozen. "Anthony, Your time has come" He said. "Follow me now". Okay....Now im freaked out. What is this a movie? What the heck is going on? I turn away from the man and step back..*THUDD*.....

*eyes start to open*

Whe- where am I?

oh no.

no no no.

It cant be.

This wouldn't of happened...
 this shouldn't of happened.

I try getting up; I roll in the dust. My hands and legs are bound.

 I shouldn't of ever told them I knew. Now look where I am...

Friday, October 7, 2016

Morning dew

Im surrounded by grey as I stare at the blank ceiling. Waiting. Waiting for time to cringe. I slip from under my sleeping bag and slowly move to the sidewalk. Its time. The dew cools my bare feet while the grass finds its place in-between my toes. This could be it. Im accepting but find my mind lingering; Ive done this many times before. Smoke rises in the distance as the smell of rubber incases me. Now its really time. A small man is exposed from the haze. Every time its a different person. I take the step up grabbing a handle and pull myself into the 18 wheeler. The man does not say a word. He hands me a single key before dropping down and walking back into the smoke. A 4 hours drive would take me to the destination. Making it there is the hard part. If everything goes smooth I should be back by 7:30...